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Announcement for Jan 26, 2018

A World of Chess - Its Development and Variations

through Centuries and Civilizations

paperback, McFarland, 1. edition 2017.

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With more than 400 illustrations, and detailed maps, this immense and deeply researched account of the history of chess covers not only the modern international game, derived from Persian and Arab roots, but a broad spectrum of variants going back 1500 years, some of which are still played in various parts of the world. The evolution of strategic board games, especially in India, China and Japan, is discussed in detail. Many more recent chess variants (board sizes, new pieces, 3-D, etc.) are fully covered. Instructions for play are provided, with historical context, for every game presented.

Jean-Louis Cazaux of Toulouse, France is a prolific author on chess and chess history. A scientist by profession, his breadth of knowledge and careful research bring chess history to its highest level.

Rick Knowlton of Sarasota, Florida has been an enthusiastic chess collector from an early age. With a background in fine arts, he uses the Internet to bring chess variants and novelties to a world-wide audience.


Language English
Author Cazaux, Jean-Louis
Knowlton, Rick
Publisher McFarland
Medium Book
Edition 1.
Weight 670 g
Width 17.8 cm
Height 25.4 cm
ISBN-13 978-0786494279
Diagrams 297
Photos 71
Year of Publication 2017
Binding paperback

A World of Chess - Its Development and Variations